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About us

Elbeauty GP is a women run business. The company was established on 2020 by Ms Irene Konini, Ms Nikki Beka and Ms Ioanna Konini.

The idea for establishing the business came during one of the trips at Hong Kong. Nikki and Ioanna being friends since childhood and sharing the passion for skincare and travels, thought to combine all these passions under one business with the name Elbeauty concept.


Educating Greek consumers in skincare cultures from around the world by offering them hand picked skincare products.


 Our main goal and challenge is to offer to our valuable customers the best and most qualitative products according to their special needs by searching thouroghly the world markets and carefully selecting the best of the best skincare products.

What we do best


Check and select the best products from each country based on country raw materials and culture. 


Give our customers a big range of skincare products covering almost every need. 

Customer first

Pay special attention to customers' needs, hearing heir problems and advising them on skincare matters.


We order frequently in order to keep all our products available for wholesale and retail customers.

The range of products

  • Products range

More than 500 different skincare products are available at our stock, and this range is keep growing.

  • Series for all

Vegan, organic, cruelty free, parabens free, etc series for all skin types, for every skin concern, for all the steps of the daily routine.

  • The best

Awarded, best sellers, with new technologies and natural ingredients, the products we offer are unique and exceptional in our local market. 

elbeauty products
elbeauty boxes

The advantages

We just love what we do! Skin care is our passion, entrepreneurial spirit our talent and providing good services satisfy both our customers and us.

  • Loyalty
  • Gift packing
  • Market awareness
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