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Our story

How did start?

Our story begins in 1993 when we started hanging out as little girls. 27 years later, in addition to brotherly friends, we decided to become partners. 

We are 2 friends, 35 plus… Many will tell us not to shout it but we feel good with our age and our skin. So at 35 and having the mind in our head we decided to be active professionally with our favorite hobby, taking care of our skin. We always read, watched and studied the trends around skincare and skin care products. We have an innate tendency to try not only new beauty products but everything, from food, drinks, activities etc .. 

How was our love for Korean beauty products born?

Drinking a cocktail (excellent cocktail and roof garden bar) on one of our business trips and analyzing the previous purchases during the day, we discovered that most of it was invested in Korean face care products such as sheet masks, toners , serums and moisturizers. And we mention investment because that's what we think are face care products. We believe in natural beauty, this is the strong paper of every human being. If we take care of our skin then it will be both healthy and radiant. This is our motto. 

And so we come to 2021 and with the motto we mentioned, we decided to establish, an online and physical store with Korean skin care products. In this attempt, mom Irene helps us with her experience and knowledge about botany, with her own unique garden and her beliefs about life and beauty. 

Our plans for the future

We continue to track and discover new face and skin care products not only from Korea but from all over the world. Every region and every country based on its culture and flora has developed ingredients that help our skin stay healthy, supple and radiant. Our goal is to offer you exactly these products that everyone or everyone really needs.

We are all unique, the same goes for our skin.

So let's take care of her properly because she deserves it!

Shopping from is a unique experience.

Immediate shipping

All orders placed by 13:00 are prepared and shipped the same day. We know how much we all look forward to receiving the products we ordered.

Excellent quality

We have promised first of all to ourselves and then to all of you that the quality of our products and services will always be excellent. We hope to do it!


If any of the products you received is not what you really want, then you can return it to us within 14 days and we will be happy to replace it.

Gift packaging

We know how beautiful it is for a loved one or you to receive your parcel in a gift box and we have taken great care of it.

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