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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can a cosmetic cause a problem on my skin? 

No, our cosmetics are safe, they stand out for their quality and effectiveness. The cosmetic will deliver what it promises as it is suitable for your skin, make proper use and storage.

2) How do I know that cosmetics are safe?

Our company is registered in the EOF. with code C00004254 and on the European platform CPNP and always receives the relevant approvals for each import of cosmetics in the country. The procedure is necessary, mandatory and the only legal one for the customs clearance and distribution of cosmetics in Greece.

3) How do I ensure that the cosmetics are of good quality?

All our products are internationally recognized for their quality and certified / tested by many bodies while most of them have been awarded by global beauty organizations. In the description of each product you will find more.

4) How do I know if the products are genuine?

  • You get them from a reputable supplier. Our company has managed to establish partnerships with recognized brands and renowned suppliers in cooperation with the Embassy of Korea in Greece 
  • The original product has the barcode / IF printed on its packaging and the same barcode is mentioned on the Brand site. Often but not always non-genuine products have the wrong or no barcode on their packaging.

5) How can I trust an online cosmetics store for my purchases? 

Make sure there is transparency, presence, good reviews. 

  • A reliable company like ours publishes all its details.

ELBEAUTY OE, 32 Agias Paraskevis, 15234 Chalandri, tel. 2106717946, email:, EOF No. CD00004254, VAT number 801436053 DOU Cholargos.

  • There will be a physical point where you can see the products or address a topic. Search for contact information on google map. Serious businesses choose to place their point on google. 

Our store at Tzavella 42A (Emporiko Artemis) 15451 N. Psychiko is open daily from Monday to Friday 10: 00-14: 00 and Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 17: 00-20: 00.  

  • Read reviews from others and leave your own review evaluating your shopping experience. 

6) How can I find the right product for my skin?

  • Recognize the needs of your skin. KEvery skin is unique and its needs are different even during the day. In addition, they depend on many factors such as age, hormones, diet, sun exposure. Record the needs of your skin and choose products that aim to address them
  • Choose cosmetics according to your skin type. In the description of each of our cosmetics you will find for which skin types it is suitable. 
  • Learn the specifics of your skin such as any allergies or sensitivity to specific ingredients and choose products according to them.

7) How can I control the ingredients of the products?

  • The detailed list of ingredients for each product is indicated on the packaging with their exact name in English by the cosmetics manufacturer.
  • For your convenience on our site you can find this list in English and the main ingredients in Greek, for each product.

8) How do I find the expiration date of the products?

The products have printed or embossed the expiration date on their packaging in the form EXP20240229, ie 29/02/2024 

9) For how long can I use a product without being damaged?

On the packaging there is a symbol below that indicates the number of months that the product can be used from the date it was opened. 

Example if it says 12 M is 12 months from the time you first opened it. Pay attention to storage conditions, avoid storage with high temperatures, humidity, sun exposure.

10) Can I return a product I do not want?

You can return it as long as you have kept the accompanying proof of purchase and its packaging is intact. Read it refund policy.43

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