Melano CC Vitamin C Lotion 2021 Edition 170ml - Moisturizing Lotion


Moisturizing whitening lotion that prevents discoloration for smooth and even skin

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Hydrating whitening lotion from Japan's Hada Labo/ Rohto that improves blemishes and discoloration while deeply hydrating. This moisturizing lotion suppresses melanin production and prevents discoloration with the action of the whitening active ingredient "Vitamin C derivative * 1" and the blood circulation-supporting ingredient "Vitamin E derivative * 2".

Moisturizes and improves acne and scar marks. Specifically, it contains a derivative of vitamin C1 (3-O-ethylascorbic acid) with great penetration into the corneal layer, suppresses melanin production and prevents spots and freckles.

It also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients (glycorrhizal diposate and isopropyl methylphenol – bactericide) and 3 types of moisturizing ingredients (white alpinia, lemon extract, grapefruit extract).

Absorbs quickly and is not sticky. It has a refreshing citrus scent.
Available in a 170 ml package

Main ingredients: Vitamin C & E derivative

Ingredients: Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate Other Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Grapefruit Extract, Lemon Extract, Alpinia Katsumadai Seed Extract (Alpinia White), BG, Concentrated Glycerin, DPG, xanthan gum, fragrance, POE / POP decyltetradecyl ether, POP Methylglucoside, POE / Dimethicone Co-weight Combined, Edetate, methylphenylpolysiloxane, paraben, Active Ingredients: 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (High Penetration Vitamin C Derivative), Ethanol, Paraben, Citric acid anhydride, dimethicone, POE / POP Decyltetradecyl Ether, sodium citrate hydrate, citric acid anhydride, Sodium Citrate Hydrate, POE / POP dimethicone copolymer, cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid bisethoxydiglycol, Active Ingredients: 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (High Penetration Vitamin C Derivatives), edetate, l-Mentor, Absolute Ethanol

After cleansing your face, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand or place on a cotton pad and gently apply to your skin so that it is absorbed.

We recommend that you try any new product by placing a small amount on the wrist or behind the ear before using it. Wait 24 hours to make sure there is no redness or itching and to ensure that the product is safe for your skin.

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7 reviews for Melano CC Vitamin C Lotion 2021 Edition 170ml – Ενυδατική Λοσιόν

  1. Ioannis Trakadas (verified owner) -

  2. Katerina H. (verified owner) -

    I like it very much! It doesn't weigh the skin down at all and absorbs very quickly!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Wonderful, refreshing scent. After a month I noticed an unprecedented glow in my skin. The tone became visibly brighter. In the morning I apply it with cotton. At night I put it in drops directly on my skin before serum and night cream. It stopped my daughter's acne. A must have!

  4. Iota Mouzakiotis -

  5. OLGA IULIA SEMKOGLOU (verified owner) -

  6. Georgia Hatzopoulos (verified owner) -

  7. CATHERINE (verified owner) -

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