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Double Moisture Cream by DHC is a moisturizing cream that contains two types of hyaluronic acid to fill the skin with moisture.


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Double Moisture Cream by DHC is a moisturizing cream that contains two types of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight reaches the deepest layers of the skin, stimulates microcirculation, stimulates cell metabolism and activates renewal mechanisms by enhancing the natural production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Thus it maintains the firmness and elasticity of young skin for longer.
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms an invisible film on the surface of the skin that prevents moisture loss and keeps it hydrated.
In addition, N-acetylglucosamine strengthens the moisture power of the skin. 

It does not contain dyes, fragrances and parabens.

Packaging: 50g

Water, glycerin, BG, cetyl ethylhexanoate, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolysed hyaluronic acid, acetylglucosamine, hexa (hydroxystearic acid / stearic acid / rosinic acid) dipentaerythrityl, polyglyceryl triisostearate-2, cetyl palmitate, cetanol, Dimethicone, sorbitan stearate, polysorbate 80, hydrogenated rapeseed oil fatty acid glyceriz, stearoyl methyl taurine Na, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, EDTA-2Na, phenoxyethanol, decarinium chloride.

Use the cream after cleansing and toner.
Take a respectable amount and spread it on your face by lightly massaging. For even better results, use the cream in combination with the lotion Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion -Light 170ml.

We recommend that you try any new product by placing a small amount on the wrist or behind the ear before using it. Wait 24 hours to make sure there is no redness or itching and to ensure that the product is safe for your skin.

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