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face roller

Gua sha – face rollers – mushrooms

The beauty tools face rollers, gua sha, mushrooms are used to massage the face. They calm and reduce stress, relax facial muscles, improve blood circulation and help activate the skin to be and look healthy and youthful.


A more scientific approach shows that massaging such surfaces increases blood flow. Which has as an immediate consequence the relief from swelling and, as a longer term, the better functioning of all skin processes. More specifically, it enhances the absorption and production of necessary ingredients, gets rid of toxins, promotes lymphatic drainage, contributes to the renewal of cells and consequently to the smoothing of wrinkles and the improvement of skin tone and dark circles.V

The stones

Rose quartz- Pink quartz

Rose quartz was considered a psychotherapeutic crystal and was associated with love. It has been used in jewelry or as an offering in temples since 1000 BC to improve mood and enhance love for ourselves and others. A more widespread use of it was as a beauty tool. From Egypt to Japan it was found on shapely smooth surfaces used by prominent women to preserve their youth. Comparatively with other stones such as jade-nephrite, white jade, amethyst etc, rose quartz achieves better blood circulation and is recommended to reduce wrinklesIt also supports lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and enhances the absorption of nutrients and moisturizers into the skin.

Jade – nephrite

Jade, or jade, is a mineral (nephrite and jadeite) that comes in many colors. Green jade was thought to promote inner balance, peace, serenity, wealth. In Indian tradition it is associated with spiritual clarity, in Chinese with energy and longevity. For millennia they made jewelry with it, tools and used it in facial care in various shapes. Comparatively with the other stones as a tool of beauty, jade nephrite activates tight facial muscles more effectively, improves skin elasticity and helps fight wrinkles while promoting the absorption of nutrients and moisturizers into the skin.

White jade-White jade.

It is a type of jade in a white shade, it was thought to promote calmness and fertility, to enhance positive energy and to purify the spirit. It is usually found in gua sha or face roller. Comparatively with the other stones, white jade is more effective in lymphatic drainage and toxin elimination, helps reduce swelling and fight wrinkles while helping the skin absorb nutrients and moisturizers.

The shapes

Face roller 

It consists of 2 rollers with smooth surfaces that offer a gentle massage. It is the tool that offers the fastest and most convenient solution to improving blood circulation and reducing swelling. Easy to use, it rolls gently on the skin and the feeling it offers is relaxing.

Gua sha

Its heart-like shape has curves and points that form angles. Gua Sha is an act of self-care by slowing breathing and rhythmically contouring the face, releasing muscle tension and activating the lymphatic system. It is more effective in improving skin processes and an ideal solution for someone who will take the time to incorporate it into their beauty routine. 


Its shape resembles a mushroom, it has 2 concave surfaces, one large and one smaller. It is the tool aimed at smoothing the skin, nasolabial wrinkles, mid-frow and fine lines around the eye area. It is used to relax the muscles in both the cheekbones and the forehead, but it is also effective in reducing swelling especially in the eye area. Like other massage tools it promotes lymphatic drainage, rids of toxins and improves absorption of ingredients 


  • There are many ways to massage your face and different exercises/movements offer different benefits. 
  • The pressure applied should always be pleasant and relaxing. Excessive pressure can be painful and injure the skin.
  • In case of skin diseases such as eczema the use may not be indicated. Consult your dermatologist.

Myths and truths 

Myth:  The systematic use of Gua sha tools shapes the shape of the face. It improves the double chin, lifts the cheekbones, etc

Truth: The musculoskeletal structure of the face will not be affected by use. Which means that the shape will remain the same, the fat under the jaw will not be reduced (double chin) nor will the cheekbones be raised. Massaging with these tools will improve skin elasticity, texture, tone, glow and health. 

Myth: Excessive use will injure the skin. 

Truth: Proper use of the tools will not injure the skin no matter how often the use. 

Myth: For best results, tools should be stored in the refrigerator and used cold. 

Truth: Tools should be washed and stored in a moisture-free environment. Placing for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator before use is beneficial in some cases such as the face roller in the morning routine which will help reduce swelling. Unlike using gua sha in the evening routine along with the serum/ampoule, the low temperature will reduce the absorption of the serum ingredients. 

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