Jerry Kim, the founder of Aromatica who suffered from dry and sensitive skin since childhood, discovered natural healing with the effective properties of herbs and plants. With knowledge of botany and aromatherapy, he focused on the production of cosmetics without synthetic chemicals. AROMATICA became the first Korean brand to receive US EWG VERIFIED certification and is committed to meeting the standards of the purest and healthiest products and offering a safer alternative for skin care.

AROMATICA is registered as a partner of the Vegan Society, the oldest and most famous vegetarian society in the world. With respect for life, it chooses natural and organic ingredients to offer safe and authentic products.

In addition, it is certified with the ecological certificate, an assurance of providing good environmental and social practices. With responsibility towards health and safety, with love for beautiful skin, with respect for nature and life but also with solidarity towards the local community, AROMATICA is a model company.

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